All Redeem Codes Ninja Rebirth Codes Active 2023

Looking for a collection of Ninja Rebirth Mania redeem codes? Here we have collected them, all the redeem codes in the following list are still active and have been updated. You don’t need to look for it anymore, the specialty of this game is with many characters from the Naruto anime.

Redeem Codes Ninja Rebirth Codes Active 2023

But made with a version that is quite funny to look at, Ninja Assemble – Rebirth Mania has many heroes ready to fight in the arena. You can get dancing items from this Ninja Assemble redeem code, make sure all redeem codes that have been used are not used again.. because they cannot be used twice. Minimum Android OS to run Ninja Assemble – Rebirth Mania Game is version 2.3, maybe this is very light on Android smartphones now.

Ninja Assemble – Rebirth Mania Redeem Code List (November) 2023 Update Active Free

Here is the prize table and redeem code list, for how to enter it please go to the Redeem Code redemption tab to claim the prize using the following redeem code list:

blr8iLjTThis redeem code is still active until 2023 ends, you will get new items from this redeem code.
Bz8276shaskdaFree Gift.
3JEaZ9t210This sequence of letters and numbers is from a redeem code that contains free rewards, build your heroes and level them up. And claim prizes from the following redeem codes.
q9HTx5BoaFree Gift.
tyOlUzIkiaxFree Gift.
8BpEvsTilwUse it to get free rewards.
fn95OA0hFree Gift.
eAVjDQPSFree Gift.
1BhMWT7wFree Gift.
eiGedq62Free Gift.
8Q5OlF6yFree Gift.
wjHKwO8YFree Gift.
C1NL23jNFree Gift.
fCyTu3O1Free Gift.
TH56Vrv0Free Gift.
Those are some of the latest redeem codes, indeed the redeem code looks like random writing. But did you know that each redeem code has a different prize. So you have to enter it one by one, each Ninja Rebirth redeem code has its own expiration time. If it has reached the expiration time limit, the redeem code cannot be used, therefore enter the redeem code that is still active and try it.

How to Redeem Code in Ninja Rebirth

How to Redeem Code in Ninja Rebirth

How to claim the Ninja Rebirth redeem code or redeem the code, to get a free gift you just need to open the Ninja Rebirth Game on your Android or iOS device. If it is open, look for the profile or avatar usually in the upper corner, after pressing it you will find the settings button. There is a tab “Enter Exchange Code” please enter the code, and press the confirmation button. The gift will go directly to the Inbox in the game. You can do the same if you want to enter the redeem code again.


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